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I have a Question

So me and my boyfriend met on this online website where you can meet people for dating, also for friends, but mostly dating.
When my boyfriend got a new phone he got back on the website. He talks to mostly girls on it. When I brought it up to him he said he was just talking to friends back in his old town. So I shrugged it off.
Later in the day I saw him snapchatting more girls. When I brought it up saying “Do you have guys friends you can talk to?!?!” He said “I have been talking to the same two people all day” and ” I only has eyes for you” and “sorry I have mostly girls for friends” So I tried to ignore it.
Then his phone kept going off repeatedly when I was playing a game on it. I look at the notifications and they where all girls talking to him on the website and when I check his timeline on the website he posted things like “snapchat me :)” or “so bored snapchat me” and he would always put his username in there.
So I went to his snapchat and there it was. A bunch messages from mostly one girl but there where other very obvious girl names.

Am I being too nosy and suspicious or do I have trouble???

(Btw when I was checking his website thing and I set it down then came back to it he had logged out of it so I couldn’t get back into it)